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    Bird Name Location Town County Date Notes
    270 Gray-cheeked Thrush Glocester Providence 15-Oct-2014 Note
    269 Clay-colored Sparrow Glocester Providence 15-Oct-2014 Note
    268 Nelson's Sparrow Glocester Providence 15-Oct-2014 Note
    267 Virginia Rail South Kingstown Washington 13-Oct-2014
    266 American Coot South Kingstown Washington 13-Oct-2014
    265 Lincoln's Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 13-Oct-2014
    264 Bicknell's Thrush Jamestown Newport 12-Oct-2014
    263 Orange-crowned Warbler Jamestown Newport 12-Oct-2014
    262 Cory's Shearwater Pelagic Pelagic Offshore 28-Sep-2014
    261 Pomarine Jaeger Pelagic Pelagic Offshore 28-Sep-2014
    260 Parasitic Jaeger Pelagic Pelagic Offshore 28-Sep-2014
    259 Philadelphia Vireo Glocester Providence 27-Sep-2014
    258 Blue Grosbeak Glocester Providence 27-Sep-2014
    257 Pine Siskin Glocester Providence 27-Sep-2014
    256 Marbled Godwit Newport Newport 30-Aug-2014
    255 Least Bittern South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    254 American Golden-Plover South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    253 Upland Sandpiper South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    252 Stilt Sandpiper South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    251 Buff-breasted Sandpiper South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    250 Black Tern South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    249 Cliff Swallow South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    248 Grasshopper Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    247 Western Sandpiper South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    246 Baird's Sandpiper South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    245 Seaside Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    244 Dickcissel South Kingstown Washington 15-Aug-2014 Note
    243 Red Knot Napatree Westerly Washington 03-Aug-2014
    242 Semipalmated Sandpiper Napatree Westerly Washington 03-Aug-2014
    241 White-rumped Sandpiper Napatree Westerly Washington 03-Aug-2014
    240 Roseate Tern Napatree Westerly Washington 03-Aug-2014
    239 Forster's Tern Napatree Westerly Washington 03-Aug-2014
    238 Saltmarsh Sparrow Napatree Westerly Washington 03-Aug-2014
    237 Bobolink Napatree Westerly Washington 03-Aug-2014
    236 Solitary Sandpiper Newport Newport 19-Jul-2014
    235 Bank Swallow Newport Newport 19-Jul-2014
    234 Common Nighthawk East Greenwich Kent 26-May-2014
    233 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Providence Providence 26-May-2014
    232 Alder Flycatcher Providence Providence 26-May-2014
    231 Mourning Warbler Providence Providence 26-May-2014
    230 Pileated Woodpecker Burrillville Providence 26-May-2014
    229 Ruffed Grouse Burrillville Providence 26-May-2014
    228 Little Blue Heron South Kingstown Washington 24-May-2014
    227 American Oystercatcher South Kingstown Washington 24-May-2014
    226 Willet South Kingstown Washington 24-May-2014
    225 Laughing Gull South Kingstown Washington 24-May-2014
    224 Willow Flycatcher South Kingstown Washington 24-May-2014
    223 Marsh Wren South Kingstown Washington 24-May-2014
    222 Acadian Flycatcher Exeter Washington 21-May-2014
    221 Hooded Warbler Exeter Washington 21-May-2014
    220 Cerulean Warbler Newport Newport 19-May-2014
    219 Summer Tanager Newport Newport 19-May-2014
    218 Black-billed Cuckoo Providence Providence 16-May-2014
    217 Worm-eating Warbler Providence Providence 16-May-2014
    216 Tennessee Warbler Providence Providence 16-May-2014
    215 Scarlet Tanager Providence Providence 16-May-2014
    214 Chuck-will's-widow (vagrant) South Kingstown Washington 15-May-2014
    213 Eastern Whip-poor-will South Kingstown Washington 15-May-2014
    212 Trumpeter Swan (vagrant) Providence Providence 13-May-2014
    211 Indigo Bunting Providence Providence 13-May-2014
    210 Spotted Sandpiper Providence Providence 13-May-2014
    209 Eastern Wood-Pewee Providence Providence 13-May-2014
    208 Eastern Kingbird Providence Providence 13-May-2014
    207 Swainson's Thrush Providence Providence 13-May-2014
    206 Wilson's Warbler Providence Providence 13-May-2014
    205 White-faced Ibis (vagrant) Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    204 Green-winged Teal Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    203 Black-crowned Night-Heron Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    202 Black-bellied Plover Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    201 Semipalmated Plover Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    200 Lesser Yellowlegs Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    199 Least Sandpiper Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    198 Pectoral Sandpiper Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    197 Dunlin Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    196 Short-billed Dowitcher Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    195 Least Tern Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    194 Common Tern Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    193 Yellow-billed Cuckoo Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    192 Blue-winged Warbler Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    191 Bay-breasted Warbler Newport Newport 13-May-2014
    190 Cattle Egret Newport Newport 09-May-2014
    189 Red-eyed Vireo Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    188 Veery Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    187 Black-and-white Warbler Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    186 Cape May Warbler Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    185 Magnolia Warbler Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    184 Blackpoll Warbler Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    183 Prairie Warbler Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    182 Canada Warbler Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    181 Least Flycatcher Providence Providence 09-May-2014
    180 Glossy Ibis Newport Newport 04-May-2014
    179 Purple Martin Newport Newport 04-May-2014
    178 Louisiana Waterthrush Newport Newport 04-May-2014
    177 Chestnut-sided Warbler Newport Newport 04-May-2014
    176 Great Crested Flycatcher South Kingstown Washington 04-May-2014
    175 White-eyed Vireo South Kingstown Washington 04-May-2014
    174 Yellow-throated Vireo South Kingstown Washington 04-May-2014
    173 Black-throated Blue Warbler South Kingstown Washington 04-May-2014
    172 Blue-winged Teal North Smithfield Providence 03-May-2014
    171 Caspian Tern South Kingstown Washington 02-May-2014
    170 Common Yellowthroat South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    169 Warbling Vireo Providence Providence 27-Apr-2014
    168 Black-throated Green Warbler South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    167 Rose-breasted Grosbeak South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    166 Orchard Oriole South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    165 Baltimore Oriole South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    164 Green Heron South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    163 Bald Eagle South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    162 Common Gallinule South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    161 Piping Plover South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    160 Chimney Swift South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    159 Ruby-throated Hummingbird South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    158 Wood Thrush South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    157 Ovenbird South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    156 Northern Waterthrush South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    155 Nashville Warbler South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    154 American Redstart South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    153 Northern Parula South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    152 Blackburnian Warbler South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    151 Yellow Warbler South Kingstown Washington 27-Apr-2014
    150 Belted Kingfisher Scituate Providence 26-Apr-2014
    149 House Wren Scituate Providence 26-Apr-2014
    148 Broad-winged Hawk Scituate Providence 26-Apr-2014
    147 Tree Swallow South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    146 Northern Rough-winged Swallow South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    145 Barn Swallow South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    144 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    143 Northern Gannet South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    142 American Bittern South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    141 Great Egret South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    140 Snowy Egret South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    139 Greater Yellowlegs South Kingstown Washington 19-Apr-2014
    138 Osprey Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    137 Eastern Phoebe Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    136 Blue-headed Vireo Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    135 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    134 Palm Warbler Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    133 Pine Warbler Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    132 Common Grackle Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    131 Brown-headed Cowbird Providence Providence 19-Apr-2014
    130 Glaucous Gull Narragansett Washington 14-Apr-2014
    129 Tundra Swan South Kingstown Washington 27-Feb-2014
    128 Long-eared Owl South Kingstown Washington 27-Feb-2014
    127 Short-eared Owl South Kingstown Washington 27-Feb-2014
    126 Ruddy Turnstone Newport Newport 23-Feb-2014
    125 Sanderling Newport Newport 23-Feb-2014
    124 Wilson's Snipe Newport Newport 23-Feb-2014
    123 Red-winged Blackbird Newport Newport 23-Feb-2014
    122 Red-breasted Nuthatch South Kingstown Washington 22-Feb-2014
    121 Chipping Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 22-Feb-2014
    120 Barn Owl Jamestown Newport 17-Feb-2014
    119 Sharp-shinned Hawk Jamestown Newport 17-Feb-2014
    118 Iceland Gull Jamestown Newport 17-Feb-2014
    117 Hairy Woodpecker South Kingstown Washington 16-Feb-2014
    116 Brown Creeper South Kingstown Washington 16-Feb-2014
    115 Barred Owl South Kingstown Washington 16-Feb-2014
    114 Field Sparrow Jamestown Newport 16-Feb-2014
    113 Peregrine Falcon Jamestown Newport 16-Feb-2014
    112 White-crowned Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 16-Feb-2014
    111 Wild Turkey South Kingstown Washington 10-Feb-2014
    110 Lesser Black-backed Gull South Kingstown Washington 10-Feb-2014
    109 Eastern Screech-Owl South Kingstown Washington 10-Feb-2014
    108 Great Horned Owl South Kingstown Washington 10-Feb-2014
    107 Rough-legged Hawk South Kingstown Washington 09-Feb-2014
    106 Purple Sandpiper South Kingstown Washington 09-Feb-2014
    105 Vesper Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 09-Feb-2014
    104 Savannah Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 09-Feb-2014
    103 Brant Jamestown Newport 09-Feb-2014
    102 American Kestrel Jamestown Newport 09-Feb-2014
    101 Tufted Duck Pawtucket Providence 03-Feb-2014
    100 Sandhill Crane South Kingstown Washington 03-Feb-2014
    99 Lapland Longspur South Kingstown Washington 03-Feb-2014
    98 Common Merganser Newport Newport 01-Feb-2014
    97 Snow Bunting Newport Newport 01-Feb-2014
    96 Fox Sparrow Newport Newport 01-Feb-2014
    95 Fish Crow East Greenwich Kent 01-Feb-2014
    94 Black Vulture South Kingstown Washington 20-Jan-2014
    93 Red-shouldered Hawk South Kingstown Washington 18-Jan-2014
    92 Brown Thrasher South Kingstown Washington 18-Jan-2014
    91 American Tree Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 18-Jan-2014
    90 Purple Finch South Kingstown Washington 18-Jan-2014
    89 Double-crested Cormorant South Kingstown Washington 18-Jan-2014
    88 Turkey Vulture North Smithfield Providence 13-Jan-2014
    87 Ruddy Duck Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    86 Snow Goose Newport Newport 13-Jan-2014
    85 Barnacle Goose (vagrant) Newport Newport 13-Jan-2014
    84 Cackling Goose Newport Newport 13-Jan-2014
    83 Wood Duck Newport Newport 13-Jan-2014
    82 Northern Shoveler Newport Newport 13-Jan-2014
    81 Northern Pintail Newport Newport 13-Jan-2014
    80 Ring-necked Duck Newport Newport 13-Jan-2014
    79 Cooper's Hawk Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    78 Black-headed Gull Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    77 Rock Pigeon Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    76 Snowy Owl Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    75 Red-bellied Woodpecker Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    74 Golden-crowned Kinglet Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    73 Swamp Sparrow Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    72 House Sparrow Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    71 Mute Swan Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    70 Eurasian Wigeon Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    69 American Wigeon Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    68 Canvasback Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    67 Redhead Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    66 Greater Scaup Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    65 Lesser Scaup Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    64 Barrow's Goldeneye Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    63 Hooded Merganser Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    62 Pied-billed Grebe Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    61 Winter Wren Westerly Washington 06-Jan-2014
    60 Yellow-breasted Chat Westerly Washington 06-Jan-2014
    59 American Woodcock Westerly Washington 06-Jan-2014
    58 Hermit Thrush Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    57 American Robin Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    56 Gray Catbird Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    55 Northern Mockingbird Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    54 European Starling Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    53 American Pipit Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    52 Cedar Waxwing Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    51 Yellow-rumped Warbler Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    50 Eastern Towhee Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    49 Song Sparrow Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    48 White-throated Sparrow Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    47 Dark-eyed Junco Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    46 Northern Cardinal Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    45 Eastern Meadowlark Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    44 Rusty Blackbird Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    43 House Finch Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    42 American Goldfinch Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    41 Red-tailed Hawk Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    40 Merlin Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    39 Killdeer Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    38 Bonaparte's Gull Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    37 Ring-billed Gull Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    36 Herring Gull Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    35 Great Black-backed Gull Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    34 Razorbill Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    33 Mourning Dove Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    32 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    31 Downy Woodpecker Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    30 Northern Flicker Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    29 Blue Jay Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    28 American Crow Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    27 Common Raven Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    26 Horned Lark Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    25 Black-capped Chickadee Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    24 Tufted Titmouse Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    23 White-breasted Nuthatch Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    22 Carolina Wren Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    21 Eastern Bluebird Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    20 Canada Goose Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    19 Gadwall Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    18 American Black Duck Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    17 Mallard Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    16 Common Eider Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    15 Harlequin Duck Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    14 Surf Scoter Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    13 White-winged Scoter Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    12 Black Scoter Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    11 Long-tailed Duck Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    10 Bufflehead Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    9 Common Goldeneye Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    8 Red-breasted Merganser Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    7 Red-throated Loon Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    6 Common Loon Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    5 Horned Grebe Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    4 Red-necked Grebe Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    3 Great Cormorant Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    2 Great Blue Heron Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014
    1 Northern Harrier Jamestown Newport 05-Jan-2014